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Best insulation/ vapor barrier/ siding method

John Waller | Posted in General Questions on

I have read of numerous methods for insulation/ vapor barrier.
What is best wall construction? I plan to use, from outside to inside- cypress vertical siding, horizontal furring strips, tyvek, 1/2″ plywood, 2×6 studs, spray foam, fiberglass bats, sheetrock/ wood paneling.
House is in Virginia Mountains over basement.

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  1. Eric Novotny | | #1

    I would like to a see a rigid layer of foam to the out of the shell to help eliminate the thermal bridge of the studs. This, in some cases, can nearly double the R-Value of the wall assembly.

    Make sure the foam is super air tight.

    You can do away and save the plywood and potentially the Tyvek (although cheap insurance) with a foil or skinned exterior foam.

    Make sure the horizontal strapping has some ventilation cuts in it to allow for air movement behind the siding.

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