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best nontoxic (to humans) termite tx for slab-on-grade foundation

beedigs | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

What type of termite treatment/system is best for a new build (especially for slab on grade foundation)? There are bait stations, the spray on the dirt before slab, the trench and treat method, etc. Trying to find the approach that is safest for a family with little ones (i.e. less or no offgassing or does not leech into plants)…The bifenthrin that is sprayed as both a pre- and post-treatment is considerend a potential carcinogenic, but the vendors who use them says that there is no need to worry about offgassing from the soil since it will be under the slab foundation and also there is a poly put on top of the treated dirt.  Is that true?

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  1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #1

    I’m no insectologist, but borate based treatments seem to be widely regarded as both effective and not harmful to humans. All the at risk wood can be coated in the borate solution before being covered.

    I use bifenthrin on the outside perimeter of my house. I probably would not use it inside, but I would likely be open to using it sub slab. Especially under poly.

  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    +1 for borate treatments.

    A poly vapor barrier will not necessarily block everything there are some compounds, notable solvents, that can migrate through. I don’t know if the treatment you mentioned is an issue here or not.


  3. RBecca | | #3

    Stego makes a supposedly termite resistant under slab vapor barrier (Pango)- theoretically comes in cheaper than Termimesh (another physical barrier option) but hasn't in projects I've bid. Slab edge details seem tricky to get contractors to actually execute. But it is a physical rather than chemical solution.

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