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best place online to buy FSC IPE

Karen Miller | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

We are looking for the best place to buy FSC Online, natural with just sealer and the side click attachments. Also, any recommendations on the type of IPE to get. Our front porch is on the Southwest side of our house, so will get a lot of sun (we live in Massachusetts). Thank you! – Karen

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  1. Aaron Vander Meulen | | #1

    Just go to a lumberyard. You're really not going to save any money online. Any reason you don't want to keep your money in your community?

  2. David Meiland | | #2

    Agreed, I would find a dealer nearby or be prepared to pay a phenomenal amount for shipping.

  3. Karen Miller | | #3

    We did checking locally.. but ends up they do not have natural just with a pre-sealed... only ones that are stained...

  4. Keith Gustafson | | #4

    Sterritt in Watertown

    I don't know if highland hardwood in Plaistow is FSC

    Moynihan's lumber had some nice C+BTR 2x6 Cedar.......

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