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Best Placement of Through the Wall ERV in Tiny House

AlexWI | Posted in General Questions on


I have an 8 x 24 tiny house in climate zone 6a, SW Wi.

I am wondering if there is a best placement for a through the wall/ductless ERV system.

We have two lofts, one is higher, 7ft from floor, comes out 4ft from wall (above kitchen). One on the other end is lower, only 4ft from floor (so perhaps loft isnt the best label for it), comes out 8ft from wall. The natural air flow tends to go from the kitchen to the loft that is 4ft off of floor. We had a lot of mold on the high end and interior side of the exterior sheathing in that section of the house. We’ve made some improvements in our design including adding an ERV. We are just trying to figure out where it should go to be most effective.
We currently dont have any exhaust for our kitchen and were wondering if we should put the ERV there. The company recommended that as one option and that we could put it on exhaust while cooking. He also said it didnt matter too much where it goes.

Is there a best placement? Does this matter?
Would it be good to use it as an exhaust of sorts for cooking?


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    What make and model of ERV? Some ERVs have a boost mode that can be activated with a switch. Is that what you have? Note that increasing the ventilation rate can introduce more moisture into the structure. You may need a dehumidifier if you're growing mold inside your home.

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