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Best tape to use on EPS foam around windows (Protecto Wrap?)

user-1012653 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Working on my ICF home and getting near setting windows. I was thinking I would use the Protecto Wrap (BT25XL) however it is getting cold, and looking at the product specs it calls for 45 degree temps to install, which we will be below. So I was looking into the Super Stick product and it can go down to below 0. However I can not find if it can be used on EPS foam or sticks well. I would assume if it did, it would mention it as does the BT25XL.

So the question is, first off, is this what people would recommend for window flashing on ICF or is there different/better tape products that can be applied in cold weather I should be looking into?

Second, does anyone know if the Super Stick works well on EPS foam?

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  1. kevin_in_denver | | #1

    "Moist Stop" is much stickier than BT25XL. It's usually very easy to find.

  2. Ken Levenson | | #2

    Take a look at Pro Clima tapes, TESCON Profil and TESCON Vana. The Profil has a split back for easy installation at inside corners. Both are waterproof and airtight . And usefully, both have a vapor perm rating of 8 - so that if any moisture is lingering in the construction, drying is not inhibited by a vapor closed tape. With solid acrylic adhesive, they can be installed down to 15 degrees and are relatively moisture tolerant in application. You can find the tapes at

  3. user-1012653 | | #3

    thanks for the replies. Does anyone know what the install temps of these tapes are? I am assuming the temps will be pretty low (teens maybe) when we would be installing it.

  4. jklingel | | #4

    A buddy here was taping a few weeks ago (not sure what tape) at temps below zero. He used a heat gun to warm the tape/substrate and said the tape stuck real well. Just a thought.

  5. user-1012653 | | #5

    ive considered a heat gun as well, however seems like a lot of extra messing if the tape is rated for very low temps like a few are.

  6. user-757117 | | #6

    3M 8067 sticks well at low temps.
    3M literature says application range of 0F-110F.
    I have used it at temperatures down to -10C (14F) with no issues - not quite as aggressively sticky at these low temperatures but certainly sticky enough.

    During application, I used my wife's hair dryer to warm the "peel-and-stick" membrane for the sill pans and that worked quite well.
    Depending on how cold it is, a heat gun might be too much (risky).

  7. user-1012653 | | #7

    thanks Lucas
    I will look into that tape as well.

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