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Better Buildings by Design conference in Burlington, Vermont — Tomorrow!

Martin Holladay | Posted in General Questions on

The Better Buildings by Design conference begins tomorrow morning in Burlington, Vermont. The two-day conference (Feb. 1 and 2, 2017) is sponsored by Efficiency Vermont. For most attendees, it’s always been an educational and valuable event.

I’ll be giving a presentation on design issues in the afternoon. New England designers, builders, and homeowners should consider attending the conference.

Here’s a link to the web site for more information: Better Buildings by Design.

One more news item: GBA readers who are interested in my new book, Musings of an Energy Nerd — scheduled for release on March 28 — will be able to purchase copies of the book, hot off the press, at the Burlington conference. These are pre-release copies; only a few are available. The books will be offered for sale, at a discount, to people who bump into me at the conference (or attend my presentation). When they’re gone, they’re gone — if you miss out, you’ll have to wait until March 28 to buy a copy.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Martin, I missed your book announcement buried in this note. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Thanks, Michael.

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