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Comparing Performance of Minisplits

fourforhome | Posted in General Questions on

Is the Fujitsu mini-split still at the top of the performance charts (for 1:1, compact duct)?

The new Fujitsu aouh18luas1 has lower COPs at 47° and 17°F.

I see the Daikin RZQ18TAVJU has a minimum capacity @47° of 10,500. That’s only a 2.6 turndown ratio. It does have more capacity @5° than the similar-sized Fujitsu, 23.6k vs 17.5k.

The Mitsubishi NAXSKS18A112AA has a minimum capacity @47° of 8,100, far behind Fujitsu @ 3,100. It looks like the Mitsubishi drops off faster @ 17° to 13.9k compared to the Fujitsu @ 19.6k

Are there any new models that beat these numbers?

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  1. mr_reference_Hugh | | #1

    You mentioned NAXSKS18A112AA as being Mitsubishi but that is an American Standard unit. Can confirm the Mitsubishi unit and stats?

    1. fourforhome | | #2

      NEEP has it as!/product/28966/7/25000///0
      American Standard / Mitsubishi Electric M-Series

      I thought all the "/Mitsubishi" ones were just rebranded Mitsus.
      What's Mitsubishi's best?

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