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Blown in Cellulose in Contact with Non-IC Rated LED Lights

albertoarriaga33 | Posted in General Questions on


Has anyone had issues blowing in cellulose insulation over non ic-rated LED downlights? Im aware that incandescent lights and can lights are a fire risk, however, is there an issue with low wattage LED lights? Especially of the round, thin variety which tends to be as thin or thinner than drywall.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    If they aren't rated "IC" for "Insulation Contact", then you are not suppose to bury them in insulation, period. You would need to box over lights like this, which is normally done either by using a factory-made insulating box, or gluing pieces of XPS together to make up a small box to give a few inches of air cap all around the fixture.


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