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BP Canada – Excel sheathing

arnoldk | Posted in Green Products and Materials on


I am looking at possibly using Excel sheathing on the inside of the 2×6 double stud wall as the air barrier. The company states it’s an air barrier membrane to a structural “high resistance” wood fibre insulation panel.

I am not sure if this product can be a direct replacement for typical OSB/plywood is terms of structural and stiffness to the wall assembly?

Thank you,

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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    Also make sure that the resulting wall complies with the recommendations in Table 2 A or B here. Short answer - in cooler climates it will need either a Class I on the interior side or exterior insulation.

    1. arnoldk | | #2

      Hi Jon,

      This is the proposed wall assembly which will use the BP Canada Excel sheathing which will also act as an air barrier. All the seams are taped with Siga 60.

      -- Exterior Wall (~R-60) --
      Rain screen
      2x6 with Comfortbatt
      0.5" Fiberboard structural sheathing (Air Barrier)
      3.5" space with Comfortbatt
      2x4 with Comfortbatt
      Vaport retarder


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