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Broan P65 warning

AndyKosick | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

The last couple of Broan (was Venmar) ERVs I’ve balanced have Proposition 65 warning on them now and I’m just curious what the GBA community thinks of this.  I find it ironic that these fresh air ventilators designed to keep homes healthy now cause cancer in the state of California.  Very brief research yielded frustration in that the Broan website seems to have no acknowledgement of the existence of the sticker (no surprise) and the P65 website seems to make no links to Brand name products just materials that make them up, so there is no clear path to know what exactly is causing cancer in the ERV.  A recent fact sheet on Styrene has my money on the EPS foam inside.

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    Proposition 65 has become something of a joke. The warning does not mean a product has ever caused cancer, or even that any of the components of a product have caused cancer. The warning gets put on everything so that manufacturers can point to it if anyone ever tries to sue them. If you look closely, you’ll find that almost everything carries that warning these days. It’s not generally something to worry about.

    Styrene is a pretty stable material as long as you don’t burn it.


  2. bigrig | | #2

    Don't worry about it. This is just the typical California ill-though-out law consequences. My Keurig has such a label. Unless you are going to disassemble it, grind up the circuit boards, and make a tea out of the result there is no real exposure to anything dangerous.

  3. JC72 | | #3

    It's meaningless just like the scope of the proposition itself..

  4. AndyKosick | | #4

    Thanks for the responses. I agree that the law has become a joke, this being the only time I've given the label a second thought. The fact that website doesn't even allow you to find what the risk is with the specific product in front you tells me they should scrap the law, because at this point it's just crying wolf.

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