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BS & Beer Show

Roger_S39 | Posted in General Questions on

Wanted to say this podcast is very enjoyable.  Really enjoyed the window & WRB episodes.

Surprised they don’t have more YouTube subscribers as it’s such a great podcast to enjoy and learn from.

Also, they are all great at making you feel like you’re hanging out with a great bunch of people having an awesome chat.

Curious if anyone has a favorite episode or any nuggets of info that has helped them out?


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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Roger.

    I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the show.

    I have to agree with you, I've been blown away by not only the quality of all of our guests, but also the camaraderie among the community. And Mike, Emily, and Travis are about the nicest people I've had the pleasure to work with.

    Another thing to add to your original post, if anyone has suggestions for topics that you'd like to see covered on the show, please let us know.

  2. Roger_S39 | | #2

    It's probably fair to say: a reason for the topics discussed is due to interest/commitment to build/fix residential construction in a manner that allows for structures to:

    stand the test of time.
    improve comfort.
    reduce failures.
    reduce landfill.
    reduce future problems and headaches for homeowners etc.
    environmental concerns.
    energy efficiencies.

    It appears one of the challenges in achieving all of this is getting homeowner buy in/belief/consideration to incorporate specific materials and designs into a project.... possibly and the "cost" of cosmetic components we can see and interact with/enjoy.

    Therefore, an episode that focuses on how to educate and get customer buy in/or at least get the customer to pause and take a moment to consider what the true purpose of a structure is, and what could be included/prioritized to achieve the intended objective, plus how to communicate ROI to the customer, could be beneficial to people in the industry.

    Sometimes it's easier to understand and believe in something than it is to create structured communication to help others understand something and possibly place the customer into an improved position to consider what they would like to include in their project.

    1. bob_swinburne | | #6

      Good idea - this could overlap with the Pretty Good House idea. That is so much the focus of PGH. Some of the BS sessions get a bit into the weeds and are really not relevant to a consumer (potential client) and even builders and architects who are relative newbies to this sort of BS thinking. It would be nice to counter that. Although what little I saw of the kitchen ventilation makes me think that I should add that to my "client homework" list.

  3. Roger_S39 | | #3

    Hi Brian,

    Another thought for a show:

    "Is the traditional/typical builder living on borrowed time?"

    I.E. Is the world of building science coming and going to dramatically rewrite the code and if so, will the builder who hasn't invested the time to understand what, why, and how with regards to building science, going to be out of a job/struggle to build/lose money due to avoidable mistakes?

    If so, this leads to a show about: what does the typical builder do? There's so many buzz words, terms and websites that it might cause a builder's brain to shut down from overload. Where can a builder start? Where can they go to get a good 101 on this topic and start to understand things.

    Builders probably feel, like you guys mentioned about tape, "if I could just have 1 resource" it would make life easier and increase the chance for success.

  4. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #4

    Thank you, Roger! We are having fun and hope our audience and guests are too. Great ideas for topics.

  5. user-5946022 | | #5

    1. EE Steps owners of existing homes can take via DIY
    2. EE Steps owners of existing homes can take for professional upgrades (and ways to avoid being sold a bill of goods - this seems to be the biggest issue)
    Divide the above topics up into typical construction type by region - maybe even a separate show for each type. What an owner of a SE US 1920's frame house with brick veneer on a dirt crawlspace that gets damps should do is very different from what an owner of a 1960's PNW frame house with siding over uninsulated dry basement should do....
    3. What a Home owner having a house built can DIY during the build process to increase EE, and which things that homeowner can do after move in, and which things should be requested of builder during construction to support the DIY efforts after move in.
    4. Garage doors - how to get through the bs and replace with tight doors
    5. DIY air testing with a fog machine. How do you really do this??

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