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Bucking out masonry opening for windows – double brick solid masonry wall, steel lintels

lucas_s | Posted in General Questions on


Working on finalizing an installation plan for aluminum windows to be retrofitted in a double brick home. I am planning on bucking out the masonry opening with plywood, securing with tapcons and flashing…. Just trying to find some more information on the proper opening prep at the headers, which have back to back L shaped steel lintels. Does it make sense to buck the head in this case (directly onto the steel lintels?) – My gut says no, however, I am wondering if I should divorced the window head from the steel lintel with a plywood buck to prevent thermal bridging?

I will be bucking out the sill and jambs either way. My plan is to apply a coat of fluid applied flashing to the brick jambs and sill, fix a plywood buck with tapcons to the opening, and flash over with stick and peel sill/jamb flashing.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    All I've ever done is screw 2x6 jambs on either side of the brick and attach the new windows to that. The rest gest sealed with a bead of caulk between the brickmold and the brick. Make sure to put a bead of spray foam behind the 2x6 before putting it in place to seal it against the brick.

    About the only time you want to do more is if you have a brick sill. These always leak water. Best to cap them with metal or replace them with a stone sill.

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