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Building codes should be free.

wjrobinson | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Building codes should be free to download. Why? So they are used, simple. Just like the town dump, charge too much and less use it.

Why can’t I download copies for $10 to a book reader?

And more important to me. I would like copies of all upcoming future codes while in the infancy. The more that participate the better. Post them online… let us comment like we comment here. Sure lots of posts will make no sense… mine included. But… the free and open debate… boo yaa to that.

So… if you have links to 2009 codes online no cost… 2012 proposals… point us all to them.

Sprinkler systems…


Energy audits… blower doors… air barrier inspection police..

lead abatement training, poly plastic mountains, HEPA filters, white glove tests,

OSHA… EPA…… ABC…. soup…

Where I live… we add Army Core of Engineers, Site Plan, Architectural Review, Lake George Park Commision, Adirondack Park Agency rules, applications, permits… “15 copies please sir with your app”… and on and on…

Is the Taliban so bad?

Why can’t we sticker a home at the front door….

This home is not built to code…. This home is built to code. Now step in or step away.

Rule makers… love rules don’t they. We each get to be little kings in our little minds.

(no alcohol was consumed before or during this post)

I just like to say what really is on people’s minds… yaa all can hide behind me though I am rather thin.

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  1. Anonymous | | #1
  2. Riversong | | #2

    no alcohol was consumed before or during this post

    Some kind of drugs, then.

  3. wjrobinson | | #3

    No drugs silly man. LOL... You are way too serious my man. Time for your weekly bath soon? Ease up...

    Posting you think someone is on drugs is real close to getting yourself in hot water with out jumping in that weekly bath of yours.

    Now learn somehow to like me... or watch your words bro.
    love yaa..... but yaa make it hard.

    Codes... thanks for the post... have to check it out next after I deal with Mr party pooper.

  4. Danny Kelly | | #4

    We had an interesting case here a few years ago (maybe more than a few) where someone posted the building code online and the NC Department of Insurance said they had to take it down for copyright reasons or something like that. Whomever posted it argued that the building code was a public document and I believe the courts allowed them to keep it posted.

    North Carolina Department of Insurance administers our code makes their own amendments to the IBC and IRC and the the IECC publishes the NC version of the code (NC used to publish their own, hence the lawsuit, they wanted their money). Recently they began posting the code online and actually has proposed amendments they post prior to the public hearings. This probably isn't going to help you much in NY but find out who adminsters your code and you may be able to track it down. Here is the NC link:

  5. adkjac | | #5

    yaa... I looked today and the next version of NY code is easy to get online per section in pdf. It is not set up with numbered pages or an index... or searchable that I know of...but.. yeah... I have it.

    Next... I would like to find future proposed codes for when sprinkler is happening... I know they are looking at 2011

    making good progress

  6. Anonymous | | #6
    You need to check to see if it is the current version of code you want, but this site does work.

  7. Doug | | #7

    Public copies of national codes are available.
    International Residential Code:

    You can contact your local code authority. Around here, they provide us with free access to copies of the code, probably because of the above-mentioned legal issues. The local code offices have links to the free copies.

  8. adkjac | | #8

    Update. Even my local code enforcement office has to buy code books. Google needs to step in and take over the code associations and make them free and open source with full transparency.

    Or get the wikileaks crew to set up

  9. Doug | | #9

    Click the links in the responses.
    They lead to free copies of the code, which you and your local code office can use.

  10. Riversong | | #10

    In an ideal society, EVERYTHING would be free - at least in the sense of eliminating money (debt-based and controlled by and for the benefit of the banking elites) from economic transactions.

    A barter or a gift economy is a much more equitable way of sharing labor, skills and resources - and there are hundreds of small-scale examples of these happening all over the US and elsewhere.

    These include alternative local currencies (which work on a dollar-for-dollar basis), barter exchange networks (which work on an hour for hour basis, valuing everyone's time equally), and community credit banks (in which the exchange happens in a more diffuse manner). In the latter of those, any assistance rendered to anyone else in the community can be redeemed from anyone else as assistance for you, so that your "gift" to one earns you a "gift" from someone else and no direct one-to-one trade is necessary. In other words, we give our time and skills to the community and the community returns the favor, so that you can help someone who doesn't have anything you need knowing that your needs will be met as well.

    Not only do these exchange systems create a more equitable world, but they also build community, give people a chance to be of service (the primary key to happiness, by the way) and reduce the insane stresses of a dog-eat-dog world.

  11. aj builder | | #11

    Doug... no good to me... solve my problem. The free site has all sections separate. Not an book!!!! No way can I flip thru it and add sticky notes along with page markers.... impossible format. And no way print it all with push of print button. No page numbers. No index.

    Books are useful. Books semi useful. This code site is less than barely useful. I should reconfigure it properly and repost it at .

    Tell me how to enjoy using the code site your way.

  12. aj builder | | #12

    Ebooks..... should say are semi useful. Auto spellchangers need to learn new words quicker too!

  13. hillbilly28655 | | #13

    I don't know if this will help anyone but I went to the link at and found the 2008 NC code book .Over 700 pages.I downloaded it to an pdf file and then put it on a usb port.Now I have it where ever I go .As for NC most of our stuff comes from the codes established between 2003 and 2008,any added after that should'nt be that hard to find and add to my usb.

  14. Hillbilly28655 | | #14

    Afyer posting that last bit I went and scrolled thru what I had downloaded.A lot of it is from the International codes from 2003.So I added the additional sections.Then I went to Reed Construction Data,went to the Building Code Reference Library and clicked on Admendment Contact,that sent me to a link for the 2009 amendments so I added them to my USB.It may be a lot of info to have but once I get used to how it's formatted I should be able to find what I want PDQ.Hope this helps some one. PS,Reed Construction Data has a lot of job leads all over the US.

  15. Riversong | | #15

    should'nt be that hard to find and add to my usb

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