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Building green

psNAPU4PR8 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I’m going to buy an acre of land, I want to build an energy efficient home. It seems so expensive, are there any grants/programs available?

I live in Smithville, TX.


jacenda hanna

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Contact your local Energy Star Homes program. In most states, a variety of incentives are available, including subsidized (or free) blower-door tests and rebates for energy-efficient lighting fixtures and appliances.

  2. PLnQUWAkNS | | #2

    I guess it depends on what level of energy efficiency you want.

    To me an energy efficient house means building only as big as you really need and using as little energy as possible when living there. Build small, design well, insulate well and you're pretty much there. The high costs come in when trying to take energy efficiency to extreme levels.

    It's not just the house, it's how you live.


  3. psNAPU4PR8 | | #3

    We have 4 kids, so there are 6 of us..i only want us all to fit comfortably. i agree with you Alan, i think people try to live beyond their means or what they need. my kids want to make our own compost and garden so this will be fun for us.
    Thank you both for the great advice, i really appreciate you taking the time.

    Jacenda Hanna

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