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Building Science Class

Daniel Morrison | Posted in General Questions on

I was talking to Dr. Joe the other day and he made us an offer we could hardly refuse. He wants to give a class on Renovation and Restoration open to GBA PRO members only. He’s also offering a 10% discount off the normal price ($395), making the price ($355). We are thinking sometime in June.

If you’d be interested in attending this class, please click through this link and check the appropriate box — we want to gauge interest to see how big a room to get.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Is this class offered on the Web or in a physical classroom? If it's in a classroom, which city?

  2. user-1037041 | | #2

    I sense more New England bias coming!

    Seriously, though, that sounds like an amazing class. Details, please.

    edit: after reading through the link, it looks like it's gonna be in Joe's Fine Homebuilding-featured barn. Boston area, as I recall. May be too far for these Oregon bones...

  3. Daniel Morrison | | #3

    As it says on the page, the class will be in Westford, Mass.

    We will test a live stream, and hopefully we'll be able to offer that in the future for folks who can't fly in.

    Dr. Joe will talk about whichever climates attendees live and work in. Bring your questions and construction details. You'll get answers.


  4. user-1037041 | | #4


    Do you have any idea when this will be happening? I have a trip to Ohio coming in June and I'd love to take a couple extra days and come up to Westford.


  5. Daniel Morrison | | #5

    I think we are looking at Wednesday, June 6, but this needs to be finalized.


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