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Calculating energy savings from duct test and seal

Greg Sullivan | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Greetings – I’m looking for suggestions on methods to perform energy savings calculations resulting from duct test and sealing activities. We’d assume the homes would undergo a blower door/duct blaster analysis.

What I’m interested in are field evaluations of these savings, my questions:

1. Can these savings be field verified?
2. Has anyone developed routines or procedures to do so?
3. If not – what can be done? Can these systems be monitored to make an accurate estimate of annual savings from this important efficiency opportunity?

Greatly appreciate any input.


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  1. Mark Renfrow | | #1

    I'm looking forward to other views on this issue. I have considered the issue probably too simplistically. If my ducts leak x percentage then sealing reduces x. That should extrapolate to energy savings and dollar savings directly.

    I'll also say that this kind of "waste" is more motivating to fix in my view. For some reason blowing my money into my attic or crawlspace is more disturbing that it leaking out of a room a tiny bit at a time.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    I hope someone who has good monitoring data will comment on this post.

    In general, the answer to your question is, "it depends." If the air was leaking through ducts located inside your conditioned envelope, then sealing the leaks may not save any energy. If the air was leaking through ducts located outside your conditioned envelope, then sealing the leaks can save a LOT of energy.

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