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Calling all off-grid DIY home builders!

Espiritus | Posted in General Questions on

We’re a Los Angeles based independent production company looking for families or individuals who are planning to build a home themselves off the grid. We’d like to film your build from beginning to end for an ongoing cable tv series. We are interested in projects that are unique to their environment such as a house built above ground because of flooding or unique materials to protect against blazing hot sun. If chosen, there will be compensation for your time. If you are interested, please send an email with a brief bio, information on your planned build with time frame to [email protected]. Pictures and video are a plus. Everyone who submits will receive a response. Thanks!

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  1. ethan_TFGStudio | | #1

    I'm in the process of designing an off-grid home in the Hudson Valley. I think we are going to try and create a 2-home district to stay off grid. What is in it for the families that participate?

  2. iLikeDirt | | #2

    Cool idea. I think you might have better luck talking to the admin at

  3. Espiritus | | #3

    Hi Ethan, We'd be providing compensation which can be used for some of the materials in building their home. We also hope that it will be a fun experience where by builders can showcase their unique homes! Best,

  4. Espiritus | | #4

    Thank you Nate G! Will check it out.

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