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Connecting Slabs / Attaching Roofs

pardi001 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I am planning to build a single story home with a thermally insulated slab on grade and want to have an attached garage and a cement patio. Question: Can the slabs for the garage and the main house and, separately, the slabs for the patio and the main house,  connect by sharing a common shallow stem wall/footer to allow  each to be structurally tied together while creating thermal break between the respective slabs and their common stem wall/footer?

But wait, there’s more! Really a related but separate question: If the patio is covered with the patio roof having structural support columns as necessary, how  can I best anchor the patio roof to the roof of the main house without creating a thermal bridge? The main house is proposed to have a conditioned, unvented attic.

Thank you.

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