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Can I replace my gas boiler with non-fossil heat source for our home’s original steam radiators?

user-6865122 | Posted in Mechanicals on

We live in a 1920s, 2 story, ~2000 sq. ft. home in upstate NY that has ~20 yr. old high efficiency gas furnace connected to the original steam radiators, which serves to supplement our ~30 yr. old Jotul wood stove that’s seen better days. Over the past two decades we’ve been progressively insulating (a double wall here, polyiso. there) and air sealing as we’ve retrofitted and remodeled. During these years we’ve also switched from gas to electric appliances, (e.g stove, dryer, hot water heater) and are now wanting to ditch our fossil gas furnace for a renewable heat source. With all the embodied carbon (manufacturing) in the old radiators, plus the nice radiant heat, were wondering if it’s possible, and if so, advisable, to power the original steam radiators with a renewable energy source. We’ve also thought letting go of the radiators with the gas and simply going with a couple mini-splits (open design on main level) air sourced heat pumps. Looking forward to the wisdom of the GBA community!

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