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Can you use a 36′ truss on a 30′ building?

GrumpyOldTinMan | Posted in General Questions on

I am building a workshop that is 30′ wide by 20′ deep. I can buy some trusses off of Craigslist for about 50% off of the regular price. These trusses are 36′ wide. Can I use them on my 30′ building by leaving 3′ overhang on each side?

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  1. DIYJester | | #1

    I would be concerned that the points that are supposed to bear the load would not line up correctly with the load bearing wall and top plate. I'm not sure how much this fill affect a truss of that size.

    It may also be possible to brace them in a way to help transfer the loads to the new walls.

  2. Expert Member

    As Mike said, it's all about the bearing points. The truss manufacturer might be able to modify them to move the bearing points but it is highly unlikely.

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