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Caroma toilets

jberks | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hey GBA’ers,

I’m looking to do a couple wall hung toilets on my build. So I started researching toilets and I came across this caroma toilet

It’s supposed to be more efficient with less water per flush than the other resi wall hungs. one interesting point is that it doesn’t work on a siphon action and it more like just a p trap, it has a 3.5″ port so I’m sure that’s great for not clogging. But I’m concerned with things like it’s water level and “stickiness” with matter.

It’s an Australian company, and I don’t know of any of you stare at toilets when overseas but they shape their bowls differently in other parts of the world.

Being an efficient toilet, does Anyone have any user experience to share?



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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    A report (several years old) from CMHC:

    Toilet -------------------------------------- Rating out of 10
    Niagara Flapperless (6L) ------------------ 7.9
    Caroma Tasman/Caravelle (dual flush) ---- 7.8
    TOTO Drake (6L) -------------------------- 7.6
    Western Pottery Aris (6L) ---------------- 7.2

    The Caroma dual-flush toilet received a rating of 7/10 or greater from 82 per cent of the respondents. Although most comments for the Caroma dual-flush toilet were positive, there were several comments about bowl “streaking”, even among those who expressed support for the toilet.

    In terms of appearance, clearing solids, and clearing liquids, more than 85 per cent of the dual-flush surveys obtained average ratings of either “good” or “satisfactory”, and 66 per cent of the respondents said they would definitely recommend dual-flush toilets to others.

    Respondents indicated they were willing to pay an average premium of $46 for a Caroma toilet, $45 for a Drake, $25 for a Flapperless, and $23 for an Aris.

  2. Jon_Lawrence | | #2


    I have installed Gerberit and Toto in-walls in my current build. I can't give you any performance data as of yet, but I can say that I found the Gerberit to be easier to install and the quality seems very high. I also like there choices of flush plates.

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