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Carrier vs Mitsubishi minisplit

FrankFulton | Posted in General Questions on

We need a minisplit in a 240sqft garage bonus room, somewhat insulated (conservatively say R7 on all sides), in CZ4. We rarely use the room but need a minisplit (to overcome baseboard heating) for a tax credit. We had load calcs (using R7 on all sides), and heating load at 13 degrees was 14k BTU/hr.

Quoted options:
Carrier 12K, #38MHRBQ12A3 (outdoor)/40MHHQ12-3 (indoor), $3600 (we’d use baseboard heat as backup if anyone ever slept there – worst case would be in 5-10 years when our 7yo wanted to move out there)
Mitsubishi 15k, $4500
Mitsubishi HyperHeat 15k, $4900

What do you recommend? I understand the Mitsubishis are superior machines, but we rarely use the room.


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  1. CarsonB | | #1

    hi Frank, it sounds like something only really you can answer, there is not set answer on what is better. If you are only occasionally using the place and just need to keep it at 60F most of the time when not in use then the cheapest option is likely the best. You probably don't need hyperheat in zone 4, but note that your energy bills will go up if it drops below freezing and the bonus room is used a lot in the winter. FYI, if you are handy you may also look into a mrcool unit.

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