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Reader Reviews of Ductless Carrier Xpower Multi Inverter

albertoarriaga33 | Posted in Mechanicals on


Does anyone have experience with the Carrier ductless Xpower system? Im eyeing a 3 ton system but cant seem to find any reviews online. The model is 38QUS and the compressor model is ATF250D22UMT. Also as a side question, do you find that jumping from a high efficiency inverter to a VRF is a worthwhile investment?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #1

    Quick searching makes it seem like these are commercial oriented units. Not a ton of info I find. It's been posted about here before that at least some of Carrier's ductless units are simply rebadged Midea units.

    First question to ask/answer is how do you know 3 tons is what you need? And then, why are you looking at these particular units? When it comes to ductless units, you'll find most folks here recommend Mitsubishi and Fujitsu as the first choice.

    1. albertoarriaga33 | | #2

      Hi Patrick,

      We ran a manual J for the house and our thermal loads range from 27-30k BTUs. This is where we get the 3 ton figure from. Mitsubishi is absolutely our first choice, we are waiting on a quote for a ductless city multi VRF. We are looking at this system because its what the local carrier dealer is offering.

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