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Casement window weather stripping

Matt McLagan | Posted in General Questions on

I’m curious if a situation I have is normal for casement weather stripping. I’ve had a nightmare with my window manufacturer, and wouldn’t put it past them to have installed the weather stripping incorrectly.

On the hinge side, I’ve noticed that the weather stripping is not sliding back into place as it was when the windows were delivered from the factory.

It seems to me that the stripping should be facing the opposite direction, since it’s angle of attack is different than the other 3 sides. See pictures:

1st picture is of a window I had never opened yet.

2nd picture is of the same window right after opening and closing it. Showing how the weather stripping does not slide back into the same place.

3rd picture is of a 2nd story window with this issue more pronounced.


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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Matt, that is not normal and looks to me like a design failure, but it could be an assembly issue. Gaskets are there to block air and water, and if they are rolled like that they are not doing their job.

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