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Ceiling Framing

littlegojira | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Quick question on framing a ceiling to attached 5/8” drywall to. I am going to frame the ceiling using 2”x4” LSL studs. The load is the drywall only. Essentially, this is a drop ceiling for Sheetrock. There is no roof load, no floor load, etc. It is solely for Sheetrock. What is code for the maximum distance of the 2”x4” LSL 16” o.c. can span? Right now, my longest span is less than 10’.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Check your local code, ours is 8' for 2x4 16 oc. You won't find anything for LSL though.

    If it is a drop ceiling, the simplest is to add a couple of straps to support it mid span to the structure above.

    1. littlegojira | | #2

      Thank you very much. Given your response, I decided to divide the runs by running a perpendicular double 2”x6” across. The longest run is just shy of 7’ now. Much appreciated

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