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Ceiling rafters separated

pilar_a | Posted in General Questions on

There’s separation between rafters and ridge board in the attic. I am not sure what is causing it and how to get it fixed. Any ideas? Also what type of professional would help with this, a handyman? Or someone else? Thanks!!

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  1. Andy CD Zone 5 - NW Ohio | | #1

    Pilar, it's a tough call to diagnose the severity of this problem over the internet with one pic. Before wasting any money on a "fix" from a handyman, have a knowledgeable contractor take a look. Could be just haphazardly framed, as it appears, and has been like that since the beginning. Alternately, it could point to a structural problem so severe you'll regret buying the house. (It's likely somewhere in between. ) Google the term "collar tie".

  2. pilar_a | | #2

    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Expert Member
    Zephyr7 | | #3

    The big structural problem is worry about would be the walls sagging outward and pulling the rafters apart. This is probably most common when people “open up” an attic to create a faulted ceiling but don’t do it right. If that’s what you have, it’s a pretty involved repair and you need someone who knows what they’re doing to do the work.

    Other possibilities are a bad roof repair (just a too-short piece of rafter), in which case there would probably be only one or two of them. If they’re all separating like that, then I’d be more concerned with a structural problem.

    This isn’t something to forget about though — have some check it. A good contractor familiar with framing would probably be able to see what’s going on pretty quickly. If it’s a complex structural issue that needs repair you might need an engineer. I’d recommend having someone check this ASAP.


    1. pilar_a | | #4


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