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Cellulose Install in a Staggered Stud Wall

| Posted in Green Building Techniques on

We’re designing a 24-unit net zero apartment with a 2×8 staggered stud wall in Albany, NY. We’re getting concerned about the feasibility of installing dense pack cellulose. The wall will have bearing 2×6 @ 24″ o.c. and non-bearing 2×4 staggered on the other side of the 2×8 plates. I’ve thought about netting diagonally to provide side dams to create a closed cavity but it seems like a lot of work. Another thought is using 1/8″ plywood strips or maybe fiberboard tacked to the sides of studs and extending back to the exterior sheathing to create the side dams.

If anyone has thoughts or experience with a good solution here we’d appreciate it!

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