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Center Span Glue-Lam Beam… To Lock or Clip to trusses?

rkymtnoffgrd | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Hi all:  Colorado 10K in elevation, zone 7
My house plan has 36′ span parallel trusses in the main room.  Initially, the trusses did not require any additional support, but the 100psf snow load required a truss redesign with the addition of a Glue-Lam close to the center of the span.   In reading the following exception, does this mean I do not lock the Trusses to the Glue-Lam or that I lock it and insure 121 pounds of uplift at the connections.  (see attachment)

9) Provide mechanical connection (by others) of truss to bearing plate capable of withstanding 100 lb uplift at joint(s) 23, 16 except (jt=lb) 20=121.”


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  1. user-6184358 | | #1

    You need to attach all the bearing points down. They made it a bearing support truss. On the GLB it should be tied per the spec. You should also trace the load path of the GLB & to the posts with the uplift force all the way to the foundation.
    You could have them push the GLB up in to the truss if you don't want to see the beam

    See Simpson Catalog they have a screw system that will work for the tie to the truss.

  2. rkymtnoffgrd | | #2

    Thank you Tim, this is perfect. Much appreciated.

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