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Certainteed MemBrain cost

user-1147664 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does anyone have any data on the cost per sq.ft of Certainteed’s MemBrain smart vapor retarder?


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Just use Google. Menard's sells an 800 square foot roll of MemBrain for $110 -- in other words, about 14 cents per square foot.

  2. user-1147664 | | #2

    Thanks Martin.

    Could I get your opinion on something: I'm building a double stud wall and I'd like to put a secondary air barrier on the outside of the inside studs. I'm thinking either 3/8" plywood, 1" rigid ins or Membrain all with taped seams and caulled to the framing. Based on the cost you just provided Membrain is the most attractive but cost aside, is there a clear benefit of one option over another as an air barrier? Is there an option I haven't considered?

    By the way I'm in Maine, zone 6

  3. user-1061844 | | #3

    Brian, I would recommend when building a double stud wall, to make an actual service cavity on the inside of the 2x4 wall. This will allow you to tape all the INTELLO Plus (reinforce smart vapor retarder that I import with seams and connect it to your airtight floor with adhesive and run up the walls and transition to the roof without to much gymnastics (ledger boards recommended). Details suggestions can be found here.

    Another option would be to sheath the interior wall with plywood, tape that with TESCON Vana and then build the exterior wall and cover that with the reinforced SOLITEX MENTO Plus.

    Both details are attached.

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    Note that Floris is a materials supplier and the U.S. rep for Intello Plus.

    As long as you have thought through the buildability issues -- by imagining each step of the construction, so you know when you will be framing each wall, when you will be attaching the MemBrain, how you will be taping and sealing it, and how the walls will be raised -- then MemBrain (which is advertised as an air barrier) should work fine.

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