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CERV2 ductless redistribution

Will R | Posted in General Questions on

We have a 1915 bungalow In zone five W. last tested ACH of six but probably lower since I’ve been working on airsealing. After obtaining manual J and design we went ahead with ductless units but the room to room temperature differences have been challenging. Additionally, After measuring CO2 levels it has come to my attention that I also need to install an ERV. Has anyone had actual experience with redistribution of heating/and cooling with the CERV2 unit? If I’m actually able to duct this to the upstairs I’d also like to add an in-line dehumidifier. Ducting has been a challenge given there is no Service cavity and it’s an old small house. 

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  1. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #1


    If you've already have mini splits, it might want more sense to install a ventilating dehumidifier (such as an Ultra Aire).

    1. Will R | | #2

      Thanks Steve,

      Agree with having a dehumidifier which I’ll try to put in line with the CERV. I would also like to redistribute heating to low load bed rooms and wondering if anyone’s had real world experience with this.
      From reading on GBA my understanding is there is little to no distribution of heat/cooling with a normal ERV but I’m trying to determine if this is true with the CERV. They are telling me it’s possible but I’m just trying to see if anyone has experience with us. One Issue is that usually these are going in high-performance homes as opposed to retrofitting in older leaky homes.

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