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ChatGPT 4.0 and Manual J

finePNW | Posted in General Questions on

I needed to share this with someone: the other day, I used CoolCalc to complete a Manual J (MJ8?) assessment for my home. Today, I got access to Chat GPT 4.0 and decided to see what it could do… by feeding it info on my house and asking it to size a heat pump for me. And WOW, did it impress. The estimated heating load was within 100 BTU/hr of the CoolCalc output.

Of course, I had to give it all of the appropriate measurements and I had to give it the right prompting, so it didn’t save the bulk of the time needed, but I’m pretty impressed. I wonder if anyone has a had similar experience?

To be clear: I am in no way advocating folks rely on ChatGPT for heat pump sizing! Maybe someday. And I will be using the CoolCalc output in consultation with an HVAC expert. But I thought it was a cool outcome.

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