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Closed cell or open cell spray foam

fordv10 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

you have helped me before. i have decided to do a spray foam insulation. the building is pole barn type build [wood] covered in sheet metal. it has a concrete floor,insul garage door an it will have a/c only, it also is located in central fla. i,ve had 3 different contractors with 3 diff ways of doing it. one is closed cell on walls an roof an he said 1/12 “” is all thats needed. he had the best price [ still not cheap]. the next guy wanted to close cell the roof an open cell the walls. the nexy guy wanted to open cell the whole building the most $$$ so now what is the best way to go?????????? I lean w/#1 because i think closed will perform better….. what do you think

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  1. willymo | | #1

    You haven't said what the thickness/R-value of each choice is.


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