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Coating to protect XPS on Slab perimeter?

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

Hi. I am in zone 4a.

Yesterday my slab was poured over 2″ of recycled 250 psi XPS.

I plan to attach 2″ to the outside perimeter of the slab this week and am lookign for budget options to protect the foam from weedeaters and to stop roadents from making a pathway to the sub slab foam. 

I only know of a product called Tuff II that is tough and works above and below grade. But, it is $100 for every 80 sq ft; so, I am looking for a more budget friendly option that will accomplish the mission. 

Thank you for your advice. 

I know $400 does not seem like much, but we are building for pennies on the dollar. Most of the building is recycled material. 


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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    $40 for a 4x8 sheet equivalent is hard to beat these days. I have used FRP board from the Home Despot and it seems to be holding up well, but that is $30 a sheet. Metal flashing should work but is hard to keep looking neat. THe heavy trim coil is thicker and has a pattern to it, and that is about the same at $1 a square foot

  2. Trevor_Lambert | | #2

    You could parge it with a fiberglass embedded mesh, or fiberglass reinforced cement. I don't know what it comes out to per square foot, but it seems like it would be less than $1.25.

  3. mikeysp | | #3

    Turns out I was using the wrong search terms. There are many discussions on this topic. Here is one:

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