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Codelco door or…

monchgreen | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Looking to replace simple leaky exterior side door with something more secure and airtight to complement the Zola window/doors elsewhere in this super-insulated house. Looked at Codelco doors. Already read related posts here but seem dated. Any opinions or other suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. briancornwell | | #1

    Alpen High Performance Products for airtight/super insulated builds.

  2. benwolk | | #2

    ProVia has a well sealed and insulated door from their Embarq line:

    They also have other lines with their Signet and Heritage products that also will be efficient. Especially if you specify multi-point locking hardware. ProVia used to supply the doors for Alpen, but I'm not sure if they still do.

  3. matthew25 | | #3

    I couldn't find "Codelco" but I did find Codel Doors out of Tacoma, WA - is this the company you are referring to? The Codel company's lowest U-value is 0.16 (R-6.25). ProVia's lowest U-value for the same all fiberglass, no-lite option is 0.10 (R-10).

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