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Combustion air in a very tight house

bobhol | Posted in General Questions on

I am planning to heat with two mini splits in a 1200 sq. foot storey and a half …total sq. ft of 2100 .My back up will be a 20,000 btu propane free standing fireplace It will be a tight house ..Will air leakage supply the fresh air for combustion or do I need a dedicated fresh air supply …I will have an HRV …thanks,Bob

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  1. heidner | | #1

    The free standing fireplace is a backup when power is out and the minisplits will not run -- correct? That also means that the HRV will not provide any air exchanges -- also no power.

    I am a little paranoid (actually quite) about carbon monoxide. I would see if you can have a fresh air supply for the fireplace and lots of carbon monoxide detectors around the house.

  2. gusfhb | | #2

    get a direct vent model, draws combustion air throught he chimney thimble

  3. bobhol | | #3

    Very good thought .I was originally thinking of backup in extreme cold but I wasnt considering a power outage ...I do have a small generator for that scenario.I guess the HRV will be on the essential service list along with fridge ,water and lights.Good point about CO detectors ...will have them on each floor.As far as combustion air I guess I should ask about a separate air supply ...I just hate to put a hole through the envelope...thanks,Bob

  4. bobhol | | #4

    The gas fireplace is in use now and I will be installing it in the new house ...It is vented with a liner through an existing chimney .I know I have a lot of extra pieces for it in regards to exhausting it and when I checked my manual it apparently is a direct vent I have the thru-the -wall vent and cap in the box in storage for the last 7 years!!!!!.....WHAT LUCK!..... I guess.even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and then

  5. bobhol | | #5

    double post

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