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Compatible Sealant

Blakeedward | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone have any recommendations on a good sealant compatible with both concrete and  a poly vapor barrier and is somewhat widely available?  I ran out of Stego mastic and am looking for something locally available.

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  1. Expert Member
    Zephyr7 | | #1

    I have used Loctite's PL line polyurethane caulks for this kind of thing in the past without problems. You surely won't have any compatibility problems with the concrete with whatever you choose to use, but I would check to make sure nothing hurts the poly. Polyethylene is not usually a problem for typical sealants though, so you should be pretty safe with most common products out there.


    1. Blakeedward | | #2

      Bill thanks for the reply, interestingly I found almost all of the PL line to caution against use with polyethylene (not saying it wouldn't work). A bit more research has shown that perhaps butyl rubber or acoustic sealant may be a good choice because they remain malleable, almost as if they never fully cure.

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