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Composite Decking

jnarchitects | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does anyone have a source for composite decking that does NOT have an embossed wood grain pattern? Looking for no pattern or a machined groove pattern or similar.

Fiberon used to have a nice looking no pattern composite, but it has been discontinued.


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  1. user-940291 | | #1

    Timbertech Twin Finish is machine grooved on the "back" side.

  2. allanwarner | | #2

    how sure are we regarding this style of decking that the materials are all quality and trusted ? :/

  3. qofmiwok | | #3

    I believe NewTechWood has a textured side and a flat side.

  4. andy_ | | #4

    I think a lot of the patterned composites are there for more than just trying to look like wood. The decking is an outdoor walking surface where a smooth finish could be pretty slippery when wet.

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