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Condensation between window glass panes

chrisjohnston2112 | Posted in General Questions on

My house is six years old. We had low e argon filled windows installed. One of the windows has condensation between the panels. The window is in a dormer, rectangular shaped and divided into three separate windows that cannot open. The middle window has condensation. The other two seem fine. What if anything should I do? Of course it has to be a dormer window. It will be difficult to replace due to its height. Someone suggested tape and Saran Wrap on the inside. Does that do anything? Any information appreciated.

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  1. NormanWB | | #1

    Your middle pane has lost its seal, so the Argon has leaked out and moist air has replaced it. I would check with the builder and manufacturer to see what sort of warranty coverage they offer.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Forget the Saran Wrap, which is (a) useless and (b) a fire hazard.

    The solution is to replace the IGU (the glass) or to replace the entire window sash. As Norman noted, many window manufacturers have warranties on seal failure that are longer than 6 years, so you should contact your builder or the window manufacturer.

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