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Condensation drip

Jeturner13 | Posted in General Questions on

I just bought a house in Embden, ME (zone 6a). Maine has a pretty good rebate program for energy efficiency upgrades and this house qualified for additional subsides based on its tax value, so I had an energy audit done (free!) as soon as possible. The house is one level with a loft. The ceiling was a drop ceiling acoustic tile which we removed with plans to replace with sheetrock. The auditor recommended removing fiberglass batts and spray foaming the crawlspace walls – done. He also suggested spraying where the roof meets the top plate if the wall, it was really drafty there when he did the blower door test. The roof has a vented soffit and is insulated with fiberglass Batts which run over the wall top plate into the eave of the roof. There is no unfinished attic space inside. After removing the old ceiling there was about a foot of fiberglass batt exposed inside. 

When the insulators came, they cut the exposed Batts and stuffed them into the eave to act as a backer for the foam. Sometime after they left we got snow which sat on the roof for a while. When it began to warm up and melt off a few drips appeared in the bathroom coming from the spray foam. At first I thought roof leak. The more I thought about it I began to suspect condensation. When the roof was snowy the sheathing was cold and condensation froze to it, when it warmed up the frost melted and began dripping. Normally it would have run down the Batts but now those terminated inside resulting in the dripping. I stuck my hand in one of the openings and reached towards the peak of the roof to find much of the fiberglass batt to be damp, confirming, in my opinion, the condensation issue. 

I have no idea what to do, or how to fix this. It’s holding up the sheetrock project now. I haven’t had the auditor or insulator come back out yet. (Insulator was working as a sub for the auditor). Looking for advice or opinions.

The construction of the area in question is kind of hard to explain, but I have attached some pictures. One of the outside of the house so you can see how the roof runs out over the top of the wall (short roof is utility room, no issues there). And one of the inside so you can see how the spray foam was put in

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