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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Triangle Tube Prestige.

    The best and only for me. Size and use, will decide the particular model and btu capacity.

    Michael Chandler has lots of experience worth looking into. Use search box above and he may chime in here. Dana is quite the HVAC type too, some others.

    The bleeding edge boys are leaving boilers behind. Split airs, ground source, superheat

  2. user-788447 | | #2

    I like my Buderus wall hung unit.

  3. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #3

    It's the wrong question, or not enough information.

    The first an all-important thing to determine is the heat load the boiler needs to support at the 99% outside design temperature, from which an appropriate boiler could be recommended. Even a really GREAT modulating-condensing boiler 3-4x oversized for the heat load is nothing but an expensive PITA to be designed AROUND, as opposed to ready-made solution.

    Don't do what this guy did:

    So first things first- a Manual-J type room-by-room heat load calculation using a REALISTIC design temperature (see: ), and any plans for breaking it up into zones are the first step.

    Only with those numbers is it possible to make reasonable recommendations for boilers (& radiation) suitable for the application.

    Without the necessary info it's like trying to answer to "Truck? Recommendations?" If you need something to haul a couple of trash cans to the recycling center it's different than if you need to haul a couple of cords of wood, and different than if you need to haul 12 tons of copper ore to the rail spur top of a pit a mine. You could probably get the recycling out with the ore carrier or the ore to the rail spur with the hybrid SUV, but neither would be considered a solution.

    AJ: Heat pumps aren't necessarily bleeding-edge- they all have their appropriate & inappropriate uses too, but you'd need both the Manual-J, climate, and the local alternative heating fuels to come up with the appropriate range. One nice thing about heat pumps is that as the grid greens up, so does your heating system, but the converse can also be true. In expensive electricity/cheap gas markets it won't always make financial sense to go there, even with low-cost mini-splits.

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