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Condensing oil boilers for MA low-sulfur fuel

ranson | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

It seems that Massachusetts implemented a 15ppm limit for sulfur in distillate heating oil that became effective in 2018. With that limit, is it reasonable to consider a sealed combustion condensing oil boiler? Are there any models that have been tested and work well?

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  1. Expert Member
    PETER Engle | | #1

    Not a helpful answer, as I am not aware of any condensing oil boilers. The condensate from oil combustion is just too corrosive for even stainless boilers. Sure, the lower sulfur fuel would be somewhat less corrosive, but I very much doubt that a manufacturer would want to take the risk.

  2. ranson | | #2

    My understanding is that European manufacturers have been selling them for a while, since they adopted low sulfur heating oil much earlier. The Peerless Pinnacle oil burner has been on the market for a while in the US. Buderus GB125BE was sold for a bit, but was removed from the US market due to low demand before the low sulfur mandate was enacted.

  3. ranson | | #3

    I would also add that US heating oil is not regulated by the EPA and can be up to 1000s of ppm sulfur. Sulfuric acid from condensing SO2 and SO3 is the primary reason heating oil exhaust condensate is so corrosive. The 15ppm sulfur standard is a big change.

  4. ranson | | #4

    Found another: FCX boilers

    I really would like sidewall venting, and I do see that you can get this without condensing. But I'm curious if I would be well served with a condensing boiler now that sulfur is 15ppm or lower in the fuel

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