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Condensing washer/dryer combo

joenorm | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone have experience with this model in particular:

It does not appear to be a heat pump, which from what I read, may be good to avoid due to the components getting filled with lint.

To me having a combo unit is advantageous in a lot of ways, even though I do have the space for two separate units.

Any comments appreciated.

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  1. jwasilko | | #1

    Condensing dryers can really heat up the space they're running in, which can be a problem.

    I've also heard the all-in-one units can be very slow (like over 4 hours for a load), which may or may not be a problem depending on your workload.

    We've got a Miele heat pump drier, and they have 3 layers of filtration before the air hits the coils. We've only had it for about 6 months, but no evidence of lint on the coils yet.

    Heat pump driers use less energy than condensing dryers, too.

  2. gusfhb | | #2

    friend bought one, likes it

    slow, but as long as you plan, it can save time, as how often does your laundry sit waiting for you to put it in the dryer.

    You wake up in the AM and your laundry is done

  3. kentthompson | | #3

    Check out the other threads that discuss this unit...I have one of these and a heat pump dryer. All the pros and cons you read about these units are true. If you can deal with the long times and not bone dry clothes they're great. Also this uses some cold water to dry...not sure if you're in a region where water conservation is important.

    1. joenorm | | #4

      Given the choice of this unit and the heat pump dryer, which do you prefer? I am not space limited, just trying to buy something that works well enough.

      1. kentthompson | | #5

        The heat pump dryer works quite a bit better and uses no water and less power. Though it's expensive and not a washer too.

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