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Control Mitsubishi Ducted Mini via Zwave or Zigbee?

C L | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone know of a relatively non complex method of controlling a DUCTED Mitsubishi mini split system (3 ducted heads, one outdoor unit) via Zwave or Zigbee (ie Hubitat, etc).  I am fine with only being able to turn the units on/off and see the current indoor temp via the Hubitat interface, and having a separate Mitsubishi controller for additional programming, if that is helpful.

There seem to be many confusing systems out there that may or may not work with Mitsubishi ducted minis (vs ductless minis). 

Currently have one Mitsubishi MRCH1 t-stat for each ducted head that (as far as I know) is wireless only inside the house.  I have no idea which wireless protocol the MRCH1 uses.  The heads are two SEZ-KD09 & one SEZ-KD15.  They go to a PAC-MKA, which then goes to an outdoor unit MXZ.

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  1. James Howison | | #1

    KumoCloud and IFFFT. Oh wait, you asked for non-complicated :) And that's not local (in fact KumoCloud went down entirely for a week during June .... and no local wireless control, had to scramble to find IR controllers). KumoCloud needs a wifi module at each head (get them from a place like eComfort, it's like less than half the price than via the HVAC supply houses).

    If you have IR control of the units, perhaps a relayed IR control (but that won't give you what the unit thinks is the temp).

    Also consider the which won't work with Hubitat but they are great sensors (and can be set up to control HVAC via IFFFT).

    1. C L | | #2

      1. Need local control- the "smart" or online or Zwave or Zigbee needs to be an add. Are you saying that KumoCloud takes away all options for local control? If so that is very important info, and I appreciate it. It would make Kumo a non-starter for me. Will the MRCH1's no longer work if I have Kumo
      2. No idea if I have IR control of the units via the MRCH1's, or if they are communicating via another protocol.
      3. I think your reference to IFFFT is meant to be IFTTT. If that is correct, I was trying to avoid the IFTTT variable, complication and subscription. If that is not correct, what is IFFFT?
      4. Looked up but seems to be out of business.

  2. Expert Member
    Akos | | #3

    The Mitsubishi relay module is actually pretty good. The way it is set up is the first stage puts the unit to a fully modulating setpoint you set on the unit(same as setting your remote to say 74F heat) and the 2nd stage it goes full tilt. Paired with a decent multi stage thermostat (many Zigbee or Zwave ones out there), you can control it pretty easily without any outside network connection.

    The modules are not cheap, but worth it for the simplicity.

    1. C L | | #5

      Thanks. Is there somewhere I can learn more about the "Mitsubishi relay modules" you referenced?
      What is the official name of them, ie what term do I google for info? When I google "Mitsubishi Relay Module" I get info about a safety switch....

      1. Expert Member
        Akos | | #6
  3. James Howison | | #4

    Yes IFTTT :) yes, complicated.

    KumoCloud works when internet goes out, but there is definitely non-local interaction. I’m not sure how problems in their cloud service knocked my WiFi control out for a week.

    Sorry I don’t know about the MRCH1s at all. I think they might be REDlink protocol?

    Sorry, I have one of those set up to control an HVAC via KumoCloud and IFTTT. I’m sure one could do that cia Hubitat or SmartThings. But it’s a maze of 3rd party services.

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