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Controlling airflow at ventilation system endpoints

user-6356169 | Posted in Mechanicals on

If you’re trying to get specific airflow amounts at the endpoints for an ERV-based ventilation system, how do you go about doing this? Are dampers commonly used? Just on the supply registers or also on the exhaust intakes?

Or do folks generally try only to measure/control total supply airflow and total exhaust airflow, and then just distribute the endpoints in some reasonable fashion (e.g. one supply for bedrooms or offices, two or three supplies for a great room, etc.)?

Seems like there might be some downsides to using a lot of dampers in a system where you have to keep static pressure low to get adequate airflow.

This is in a reference to a system we’re trying to work out with an HVAC contractor who might need some guidance. Not expecting it to turn out perfect. Just trying to get it as good as possible given the resources available to us.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Many ventilation contractors use registers or diffusers with built-in dampers. For more information, see this article: Commissioning Our Heat-Recovery Ventilator.

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