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Sharing an Informational Video on Making Informed Decisions on Insulating Your Home

rockies63 | Posted in General Questions on

Here’s an excellent video discussing the dangers and drawbacks of using spray foam – whether open cell, closed cell, soy based, etc.

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  1. rockies63 | | #1

    Such valuable information, and by replying, this post gets bumped up to the top again :)

    1. andyfrog | | #2

      Are you Corbett?

      1. Expert Member
        Michael Maines | | #3

        Rockies often shares relevant videos here, from various sources.

        1. maine_tyler | | #4

          What's going on with all these posts about Corbett recently? And not just rockies. It has the smell of spaming, but perhaps it is just a legitimate seed sprouting...

  2. rockies63 | | #5

    I post things that I think are interesting and relevant to the building industry, especially if they are focused more on the "forensic" aspects of building design and construction.

    Corbett Lunsford seems to offer a lot of in-depth analysis of buildings, building systems, products and methods without you feeling that he is just trying to "sell you something".

    I also like the quality of information coming from Matt Risinger, Steve Baczek and the Unbuildit podcast, all over on Youtube, as well as articles from The Journal of Light Construction website and the Building Science site.

    I wish more people posted links to interesting, relevant information on this site. There's always something new to learn.

    1. andyfrog | | #6

      People do post plenty of links in the context of discussions about specific questions, although I don't typically see standalone posts about links. I'm not sure if this particular forum is a good format for a repository of links. The search function is not very good.

      Maybe if general info links were all in one thread, it might make sense. If people posted a greater volume of general info links, the specific situational discussions which often have these links anyways would get buried quickly.

      Corbett might not sell products but he definitely sells services and courses.

      Risinger has clear brand affinities. Steve Baczek is alright although I can't get the memory of him heckling a lecturer out of my mind. JLC is great. BSC is great although Lstiburek's humor can be embarrassingly edgy at times ("white roofs matter").

      I find the best way to find new info is to search youtube and filter by videos longer than 20 minutes. That's when the conference talks and academic lectures start popping up, along with the build videos covering construction details that aren't selling stuff.

  3. pnwbuilder | | #7

    "BSC is great although Lstiburek's humor can be embarrassingly edgy at times ("white roofs matter")"

    I agree, "all roofs matter" would've been a much better term!

    1. Deleted | | #8


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