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Cover Attic side of mini split.

Chris_King | Posted in Mechanicals on

Hey all,
Have a ceiling mounted Fujitsu mini split and was wondering if anyone knows if I can cover the attic side of the ceiling unit with insulation? Can’t find anything in the manual about it. Only thing that is making me question it is the casing as a few small holes in the top.

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  1. ohioandy | | #1

    I've got that same unit, but mine's in conditioned space between floors. You're right, the installation manual doesn't mention insulation over top, but it does stress the need to keep side areas relatively accessible for servicing. I'd make a tight foamboard box of at least 1"-thick foam to protect it from the fiberglass, and also to airseal this gigantic hole in your ceiling. If servicing is only possible from the topside, make the box relatively easy to deconstruct (but still airtight.)

  2. Chris_King | | #2

    Thanks Andy. That’s what I have now on the sides just with roxul butting up to it. Guess I’ll do the same for the top.

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