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Crawl spaces in platinum LEED certified modular home in NC

aippersbach | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I am attempting to build one of the first platinum LEED certified modular homes in the Asheville NC area. I know crawl spaces are not recommended, but if I have to, is there anyone in this area that you know of who can help me in this endeavor? Or, can you provide me with info or where to get materials for this construction project?

Thank you,
Pat Aippersbach

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  1. Danny Kelly | | #1

    You should be able to do a closed crawl and meet all of the requirements. Building Performance Engineering out of boone can point you in the right direction.

    Danny Kelly
    Kelly McArdle Construction
    Charlotte, NC

  2. John Green | | #2

    Home Energy Partners in Asheville NC is a HERS Rater and also does energy efficient sealed crawls. Contact Doug Rostick at Home Energy Partners to get a quote. Hope this helps!

  3. Danny Kelly | | #3

    Hi Pat - any luck moving forward? We are currently building a LEED platinum house in Statesville. We are based in Charlotte but travel all over - just completed a job in Waynesville - can help you out if you are still looking.

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