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Crawlspace Choice for New Construction

93tilInfinity | Posted in General Questions on

New construction in 93446 (zone 3B), hot/dry, we get ~12 inches of rain a year with large diurnal swings.  1500 square feet of ground floor living space in a two-story 2800 square foot home.  Bit of a gopher issue on the lot if that matters 🙂

Downsloping lot (10 degrees) with crawlspace ~2-3 feet at the front to ~7-8 feet at the rear.  Still laying floor joists but the plan is for vented, exposed dirt crawl with fiberglass batts in between the joists, and possibly fiberglass batts in the crawl space walls.

I can’t find any literature that supports this setup but I’ve asked around and all the builders I’ve spoken with say this is how it’s done given how dry it is, how rare radon is in the area, and the notion that leaving the dirt bare helps cool the home.

I’d appreciate any and all thoughts.


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    This thread might be helpful:

    Note the concern when ducts or plumbing are installed outside the conditioned space.

  2. 1869farmhouse | | #2

    My suggestion on building a crawlspace would be... don’t. Either full basement or slab on grade. If you MUST build a crawlspace, really your only option by modern standards would be to encapsulate, insulate, and bring it into the conditioned envelope.

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