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Cross Laminated Timber anywhere?

user-971748 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi there
Is anybody aware of a US or Canadian manufacturer (not an importer) of cross laminated timber panels? We would love to use them on a few apartment buildings…

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  1. Mike Eliason | | #1


    All Canadians that I know of - there are some folks in Idaho who are close to being able to manufacture, but I don't know status and if that's an exposed panel, or if it's industrial grade finish.

    Structurlam (BC)
    CST Innovations (BC)
    Nordic Engineered Wood (QC)

  2. Expert Member

    You might have some luck at :

  3. Jesse Thompson | | #4

    Reposted here for posterity from my JLC posting:

    Nordic Wood Products in Quebec is now fabricating CLT on the East Coast, they call it X-Lam. We've used a lot of Nordic products in the past, their black spruce glu-lams are great for a local east coast source, and much lighter in color than the typical doug fir glu-lams from the West Coast. I heard rough estimates of ~$20 per cubic foot of material for X-Lam a bit ago.

    More links for those interested, it doesn't seem particularly applicable to replace 2x residential construction, but really interesting light commercial steel / concrete hybrid construction:

    Here's a good slideshow of what it looks like in the field:

    Some more links from Canada:

  4. Jesse Thompson | | #5


    Contact Jean-Marc Dubois, he's the northeast sales manager for Nordic out of Albany: [email protected]

  5. Qm22DqHWto | | #6

    I work for Structurlam Sam, we have an office in California and we do manufacture with much expertise in building with CLT. Our design guide: Contact Kris Spickler in CA, Tel. 916-797-5588 or Colin Chornohus in Vancouver, Tel: 604-455-0709.

  6. user-971748 | | #7

    thank you Jesse

  7. user-971748 | | #8

    For those who are interested to see Nordic's CLT panels up close please stop by the Journal gallery at 106 N1st St in Brooklyn, NY. The (first) opening is this Friday. Gallery hours should be soon on their website:

    Thank you for pointing us in the right direction to be able to find it close by.
    It has been a great experience working with it...

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