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Crown eave returns trim work

johns3km | Posted in General Questions on

I’m planning on re-siding my home and re-doing the roof and trim work at the same time. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of eave returns and can’t stop looking at all the various styles on my drives around MA, as well as try to mock up something that will work for my home. 

First is the inspiration of a neighbor of mine. I like the clean lines and no gutters. Very sharp. Can I do away with gutters on this small section of my roof, maybe 15% of total roof area? It’s really just the left half of the gable side as the right would drip down to a gutter over a porch. Frowned upon?

My home has large soffits compared to my neighbors, am I correct that any built up crown project would have to match my roof overhang on the gable/rakes? Could they fur out the overhang to match the depth better?

I’d appreciate any advice going forward. Or is this too much to retrofit and more for new construction? 

Some information I was reading about it:


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    I'll ask a question to give your post a bump. Have you contacted your code enforcement office about local requirements?

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